My Work Partners

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HSE Engineer at SAIPEM (ENI Joint Venture)

PROJECT: Offshore Drilling/Workover                                   Start Dec 2018 – Present
  1. Ensure that all activities on the platform are carried out in a safe manner and adherence to Company safety policy, statutory regulations, and guidelines.
  2. Responsible for finalizing Stop cards, hazard observation, near mess, incidents to evaluate and provide hazard indicators coming from the results of crew stop cards observation to prevent occurring to accidents.
  3. Supervising Sub-contractor activities, materials, equipment inspection & valid certificates
  4. Attending Audit tours with the 3rd party (RINA) for lifting equipment, gears
  5. Part of period inspection (yearly or monthly) for emergency equipment with 3rd party (SOLAS)
  6. Carrying out Daily safety management meetings with Rig management and department heads.
  7. Carrying out Weekly general safety meetings to improve awareness and safety knowledge for all the crew.
  8. Participate in safety meetings and evaluate the safety aspects of proposed activities, also record any concerns raised at the pre-job meetings.
  9. Ensuring that communication with Clients, sub-contractors carried on behalf of the official bridging documents.
  10. Taking part in emergency drills exercise with Rig Captain, Superintendent to evaluate and measure the crew respond and improvement level comparing with the previous drills & documenting the results.
  11. Responsible for updating the training matrix for all the crew to provide them the necessary training depends on the role and responsibilities for each of them.
  12. Updating, improving Job safety analysis, Risk assessment, Hazard observation, General housekeeping & Hygiene
  13. Ensure that all drilling safety systems and equipment are in place fully operational and correctly serviced (e.g. station bills, fire-fighting systems, signs, emergency equipment life rafts, jackets, smoking hoods, davit raft inspection, etc).
  14. Administer, monitor and audit the on-board permit to work system and the attached JSA, RA, Lifting Plans, Lifting gears certificates and conditions.
  15. Monitor the movement of personnel to and from the Rig via PIC system.
  16. Liaise with Drilling Superintendent weekly for all matters related to health, safety, and environment.
  17. Take part in all accident/incident/near misses investigations relating and completes the relevant sections of Accident Report Form.
  18. Ensure that Drilling Superintendent, Barge Master is informed as soon as possible after an incident has occurred.
  19. Carry out any in-house safety-related training.
  20. Ensure that any learning points are communicated to line management and workforce.
  21. Ensure that the site of a serious or fatal accident is maintained unchanged for investigation purposes.
  22. Implementation of any safety-related procedures or safety awareness campaigns.
  23. Management, storage, sitting of safety lifesaving equipment on associated locations.
  24. HLO and HRO duties (certified & trained to carry out HLO tasks but I'm only supervising it).
  25. Examination, recording of the crew, client, contractors, visitor’s survival/training certificates.

HSE Team Supervisor at PHPC (BP Joint Venture)

PROJECT: ATOLL Development Mega project (On-Shore, Off-Shore)                                   Start June 2016- DEC 2018
  1. Representing the Client BP & PHPCO HSE, working with different contractors (Subsea7, 1 Subsea, PMS, ENNPI, Petro jet, EMC, Halliburton, Weatherford, SAPESCO, EGESCO, and EPESCO) to arrange & implementing PTW, R.A & JSA.
  2. Responsible to deliver instructions to 22 persons in my HSE team members.
  3. Responsible for resourcing HSE team manpower & safety equipment.
  4. Preparing & involved in HSE official documents not limited to procedures, HSE plan, Emergency plan, HSE case, Bridging documents between client & contractors.
  5. Providing reports and progress chart, HSE statistics to HSE Manager daily.
  6. Ensure that HSE plans and relevant HSE Management System are established.
  7. Arranging work plan with my responsibility team to ensure controlling, covering all work activities Offshore & onshore 24/7.
  8. Following ROV activities with Subsea 7 Co over Canyon ROV, Seven Atlantic Barge, and Olympus Drill-ship as performing Drilling of 12 Well, inspection, survey, intervention, subsea construction, and emergency response services.
  9. Supervising pipe laydown & umbilical cable lay down with Subsea 7, & One subsea Companies through Seven Navica, Seven Viking, Seven Waves Rigs & Vessels
  10. Following activities offshore on Platforms, Drill-Ship (Olympus), Semisubmersible Rigs also onshore activities progress safety statistics, client safety progress, procedures review & implementation.
  11. Ensure all activities Onshore, Off-Shore of the contractor at the site are carried out in a safe manner. Any discrepancy or unsafe practice by worker brought to the notice of the following personnel:
    • Contractor project manager
    • Contractor work supervisor or Vessels management
    • Client Project coordinator at site and base
  12. Performing safety inspections and ensuring compliance with safety standards, compiles information, implements, and enforces safety programs and protocols
  13. Investigate and analyze information and to draw conclusions.
  14. Investigating accidents, incidents
  15. Attending Drills and following crew attitude during drills and the progress difference
  16. Preparing computing monthly/yearly safety statistical data.
  17. Carry out safety inspection/audit internal including hygiene audit etc.
  18. Responsible for organizing safety training to the workforce on the use of safety equipment and safe job practices.
  19. Responsible to check whether the contractors have all valid certificates of equipment/competency.
  20. Responsible to undertake safety audits daily, Weekly basis, Monthly basis.
  21. Responsible to identify the health hazard at the site and its accomplishments for preventive measures etc. Noise pollution and radiation shielding into permissible limits.
  22. Daily checks for lifting equipment & gears condition & certificates
  23. Weekly check for fire pumps, emergency generators & emergency Equipment
  24. To report near-miss/incidents/accidents as per prescribed format.
  25. Carry out safety inspection/audit internal including hygiene audit etc.

HSE Team Supervisor at PHPC (BP Joint Venture)

PROJECT: PHPC Gas Plant Shutdown & Expansion & Upgrade                                   Start April 2016 – May 2016
  1. Following shutdown activities progress in Offshore platforms as per shutdown plan.
  2. Attending daily meeting with contractors HSE Rep to discuss activities and necessary precautions
  3. Weekly check for all platform conditions for emergency & safety equipment
  4. Reviewing emergency and rescue plans with client & contractors
  5. Implement safety, health, environment policies from client, and main contractors.
  6. Carry out risk assessments all activities under (OHSAS) 18001 and job safety analysis.
  7. Interaction with the consultant, attending the safety meetings with main & sub-contractor
  8. Responsible for supervising, Review activities documents PTW & R.A for all S.D activities.
  9. Participate in scheduled work area audits and document required corrective actions
  10. Following up with pre-commissioning under LOTO program (lock out, tag out)

HSE Team Supervisor at PHPC (BP Joint Venture)

PROJECT: By-Pass Gas Pipe Line Onshore                                   Start September 2015 - August 2016
  1. Follow up the construction activities to works in extraordinary condition, nondestructive testing, hydro test activities under high voltage electric equipment or under transmission
  2. Attending HSE meetings with effective area authorities (UGDC, GASCO, GAPCO, and PETROBELL) to set HSE goals and stander for each company.
  3. Reporting, making reports investigations. Injuries. Illness. property damage and near-miss incidents, resulting in information’s issued as lessons learned to all employees on the project.
  4. Perform daily, weekly and monthly HSE report, near-miss investigations and implementation of corrective actions
  5. Participate in, and conduct periodic reviews of Risk Assessments to ensure that all HSE hazards are identified.
  6. Ensure the safe handling and storage of all hazardous substances in line with chemical management procedures.
  7. Environmental protection and work hygiene MSDS chemical material handling
  8. Ensure that HSE plans and relevant HSE Management System is established
  9. Encourage and promote Safety, Health and Environmental awareness in all project-related activities
  10. Promoting the effective use of existing HSE management tools and techniques on each worksite

HSE Team Supervisor at PHPC & (BP Joint Venture)

PROJECT: PHPC West Harbor Expansion (WHX)                                   Start February 2014 - August 2015
  1. Supervising offshore activities to organize with the onshore progress on Subsea 7 drill-ship Olympus & S.V Seven Atlantic
  2. Following ROV activities with Seven Waves S.V
  3. Reporting all unsafe working practices. Preventing behaviors in the project by promoting awareness of individual. Following – up weekly walkthrough with main contract & HSE representative sharing into activities pre-task planning sessions.
  4. Follow up site employees, acceptance “ZERO incident “philosophy in performance of the work, ensuring it is communicated to and fully understand by all levels of contractor's organization.
  5. Inspection all equipment, materials, and work practice to ensure compliance with contract obligations. Including (PPE – hand tools -excavation – radiography activities – hot works – housekeeping – firefighting – scaffolding – work at height – confined spaces – crane material handling – electrical hazard).
  6. Visual inspection for all equipment entering the after submitting their valid certificates for compliance with all applicable laws. Regulations. Standard. And codes governing safety and health in the workplace.
  7. Handling TBT meeting. Familiar with proper hygiene practice.
  8. Weekly inspection for site clinic and medical facility, first aid, and medical care.

Safety Officer at ENPPI CO

PROJECT: Rehab GAPCO Ras-Shokeer                                   Start May 2011 - November 2013
  1. Responsible for doing regular worksite inspections and bringing any safety issues up to field management.
  2. Responsible for creating a monthly safety briefing for project managers and executives working out of the main office.
  3. Responsible for weekly worksite safety audits that were distributed to field and office management.
  4. Worked closely with field management to maintain all local state and HSE safety standards.
  5. Responsible for developing safety policies and updating policies for ongoing projects.
  6. Reporting all unsafe working practices.
  7. Controlling construction labors & machines to make sure HSE rules are implemented
  8. Attending TBT before starting the job with the P.A to make sure that all the staff understood the hazard and the work plan.

Permit Coordinator (PERCO) at ENPPI CO

PROJECT: Khalda – Elkasr                                   Start January 2010 till February 2011
  1. Creating permit packages depends on the permit type & job description.
  2. Following up permit sign cycle with P.A & HSE (permit-issuing)
  3. Attending permit daily meeting.
  4. Creating a log sheet for all permits with different categories (Spark potential, Naked Flam, Cold, Confined space, Excavation, Confined space) with dates, job description name of PA, AA with the situation of the permit.
  5. Reissuing Permits if needed
  6. Reporting to HSE Management with the condition of the permits daily (permit work plan)
  7. Walk throw in site to finalize the permit area & understanding the hazard to create the permit
  8. Closing permits after finishing the job or any change of the situation Completed, Cancelation & filing with record.

Challenges Memories

I will leave you with some pictures in some of the projects that I have done.


  • NEBOSH IGC ID: 00431556
  • STARRT (Safety task analysis risk reduction talk)
  • Hazwoper: (Hazardous waste operation)
  • HAZOP (Hazard & Operability Analysis)
  • Institution of Occupational health & safety IOSH CR# 494059
  • General Occupational health & safety Administration (OSHA) Student No#80156
  • Construction Safety & Health Administration. (OSHA) Student No#80156
  • Oil, Gas Industry Occupation Safety & Health (OGISH).
  • National Association of safety professionals Diploma (NASP) CR#531474
  • Risk assessment, work Control (IOSH)
  • Requirements of OHSAS 18001 2007 Standard & requirements course
  • Environmental management system (E.M.S)(ISO14001/2004).
  • Rig Inspection course (API-ASME)
  • Effective Safety Committee training
  • Safety Supervision & Leadership course
  • Firefighting, fire marshal, first Aid.
  • Scaffolding competent person
  • LOTO program (lockout, tag out)
  • BOSIET OPITO ID 5262570006121804345 (Arab academy of science Maritime transport Valid from Dec 2018 to Dec 2022)
  • H2S training from the Arab academy of science Maritime CR#5262901428011904515 (valid from 2018 till 2020)
  • Advanced Rigging, lifting competent person (LEEA) ID. ADRL1217
  • Lifting Supervisor (LEEA) ID. LS1209
  • Offshore fire Emergency Respond Team Leader course CR# 3807/19/EG (Maritime Academy)
  • Offshore Emergency Helideck Team Member CR#9041/19/EG (Maritime Academy)
  • HLO & HRO
  • Rescue from Height (Core academy)
  • Working Safely at height (Core academy)
  • Performing Authority (P.A)


  • Project management professional course from OGS Academy.
  • Behavioral Factors in Safety (psychological training)
  • Ergonomics Safety training
  • Safety at the office training
  • Five Stars intervention criteria training From Saipem company Cairo office
  • Leader In Health & Safety (LIHS) Saipem
  • Proficient computer skills included but not limited to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, Software, Hardware, and Internet professional users.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Search engines skills.
  • Networks knowledge.
  • Web design (HTML.CSS.PHPBB)