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Health and Safety Specialist.

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As the wise man said: A Goal Without A Plan is Just A Wish


I'm HSE Specialist in Oil, Gas field, Mega Projects. Additionally I'm specialist in Evaluating Risks, creating risk assessment,
procedures, policies, emergency plans, Safety management systems, rescue plans, focusing in human behavior,
safety culture to ensure Zero accident criteria, carried Audits, Inspections internal and external over 11 years
experience in Health, Safety & Environment especially in Oil, Gas field On-shore & Off-shore with different
respectful international, multinational companies (ENI, Saipem, BP, PHPCO, Subsea 7, One Subsea, Schamberger, Halliburton, RINA, ENPPI, EMC, Petro bell, Petro jet)
which provided to me the opportunity to gain value, experience in construction megaprojects Construction & Drilling also
worked in different types of Vessels (Jack up, Semi-Submersible, Drillships, Service Vessels,
Umbilical cables laydown vessels, Dredges, Pipeline laying Vessels & ROV operation).

Also, in On-shore Mega projects such as Gas Plants construction, Pipelines, Solar plant, Gold mines I’ve succeeded to gain
international certificates to improve my career, experience not limited to nebosh IGC, IOSH membership, STARRT, HAZOP,
HAZWOPER, IOSH Risk assessment, OSHA General, OSHA Construction, OFF-shore Rigs Safety, H2s, BOSIET, PADI Certified
Diver Open water, please Download my Full Resume for more information or visit my Portfolio.


For me Health and Safety is not just a job i do to provide my family with the needs but it’s a responsibility , dedication most of all it’s
the Art of Balance between operation and people health, safety. To achieve that you must be able to effort time, hard work and the most important
part is to love what you doing, believe in it.

Male, 189 Cm height

My favorites hobbies: Controlling Hazards, Risks, Diving, Horse Riding, Mountaineering,
Hunting & Fishing.

Full Name: Ahmed Mustafa Ahmed Khaled

Address: Ismailia Egypt.

Mobile: +201004187737 - +201277222202

Emails: Ak@Ahmed-Khaled.net

Website: https://www.Ahmed-Khaled.net

Nationality: Egyptian

Birth Date: 21-July-1986

My Vision about Health & Safety


Main Responsibilities

Improving Health, Safety behavior, culture that is the main challenge to ensure our people will watch for each other not just during work but also back home with the families, that can only be achieved by leading by example, continues training, awareness existence in the field, following the operation closely, monitoring the attitude, observing hazards, evaluating the risk, measuring controls, improving it..

Ideas and Solutions

Without challenges there’s no improvement, to find solutions you must analyze every step in the cycle of the operation to understand the full view that can be done when you spend more time out the office with the staff during the operation and during rest time, open conversations, you must be one of them so they can discuss with you the opinions, issues they are facing, the most important you will receive their suggestions, IDEAS & taking strong steps for effective Solutions.

Passion and Dedication

My career is a humble message delivered when I watch the staff going back home safe to their beloved ones, that is only can be done with dedicated teamwork, open communication channels that is why I’m inspired, love Health & Safety.

Projects and Portfolio

Part of my previous experience for all projects click on More Projects

Offshore Drilling/Workover

Responsible for finalizing Stop cards, hazard observation, near mess, incidents to evaluate and provide hazard indicators coming from the results of crew stop cards observation to prevent occurring to accidents.

ATOLL Development Mega project (On-Shore, Off-Shore)

Representing the Client BP & PHPCO HSE, working with different contractors (Subsea7, 1 Subsea, PMS, ENPPI, Petro jet, EMC, Halliburton, Weatherford, SAPESCO, EGESCO, and EPESCO) to arrange & implementing PTW, R.A & JSA.

PHPC Gas Plant Shutdown & Expansion

Following shutdown activities progress in Offshore platforms as per shutdown plan

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Your opinion is very valueable to me please write to me

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As I was pleased to meet persons who supported me during my career, taught me, learned many skills from them, it's my duty to give support and advice if i can to anyone who needs it. So please don't hesitate to contact me for any concerns about HSE, I'll be happy to help. You can directly email me by the form on your right or kindly send to AK@Ahmed-Khaled.net Thank you in advance.

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Egypt Ismailia



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